Take a Break!

How many of us feel like it’s go, go, go, but it’s never enough? I have weeks here and there that feel like there is never enough time in the day, and that I don’t have time to stop and take a break. While it might be hard for us to realize, we need a break. If you are constantly going and never taking time for yourself, your stress continues to build, and you end up doing more damage than good.

In order to be productive, you need to make sure you are scheduling time for yourself. The same goes for the gym and meal prepping. If you are finding the time to do these things, you need to find 10 extra minutes in your day to do something for you – read a book, go for a leisurely walk, do a sheet mask while catching up on social media! Anything that you can do, that might not take up too much time, but will still allow for you to realize you need to have a few moments to yourself where you don’t have to worry about work, school, or anything that was stressful during your day. Don’t focus on what needs to get done, just take the time to RELAX.

Today, we are never told that we need to take time to relax, and I think this is just as important to your health as diet an exercise. I’m not telling you to take a whole day off of work and do something extravagant like a spa day – but if you want to, I’m rooting for you… and can I join? When you take time out of your day to do something for yourself, it might seem like the world is coming to an end. It took me a LONG time of working hard and being anxious about every little thing for me to realize that the world is still turning even though I’m stopping to do something for myself. If your mental health is taken care of the same way as your physical health, you are going to be the best version of yourself.

Here are a few things I do to take care of myself during the week:

  • Sheet mask while watching an episode of KUWTK (the whole hour – no one is stopping me)
  • Writing for the blog
  • Reading for 15 minutes before I go to bed – DISCONNECT PEOPLE!!
    • Some days I’ll just let my phone die so I’m really not able to check it
  • Every morning, I have my coffee on the couch in silence, setting my intention for the day

Sometimes, creating those extra minutes for yourself require getting up a little earlier or going to bed a little later. I wake up at least 1 hour before Matt every morning so I can have my coffee on the couch and have a few moments to myself. But guess what? These minutes are giving you a clear mind, keeping you happy and healthy 🙂

What are some things you do for self care? Let me know in the comments below! Next week, I will be sharing five 20-minute (or less) meals to keep you on track, even after a long day at work!

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