5 Ways to Mix Up Your Workout

Over the last two weeks, I have posted about drive, mental wellness, and nutrition when it comes to changing your lifestyle. I put it in that order because that is how I finally found success in my journey. I knew I had to want to make this change for myself, and no one else. This meant I could no longer beat myself up mentally. When I started working with Dr. Frank, he had me focus on food first. This is what is most difficult for people to master when they are trying to change their lifestyle around.

Next, him and I focused on exercise. While he gave me a few exercises to use, I had to figure out a way to make sure I was getting a workout in, doing it properly, and making sure I never got bored… because who wants to go to the gym if they’re bored before they even get there?! Not this girl. So this week, I wanted to give you a few tips on how I like to stay out of a slump and on top of my game!

  1. PLAYLIST. Don’t even dream about leaving your house without a playlist on your phone. If you show up to the gym and throw your music on shuffle, odds are, you’re going to be more focused on clicking the next button than your actual workout. I love music for when I lift weights, run, or HIIT workouts. If I’m going for a walk, I will always listen to a podcast. There are three podcasts that I listen to religiously, so I tend to go for an hour walk 3 times every week. This keeps me moving AND up to date on my podcasts.
  2. INTERVALS ARE YOUR FRIEND.hated running with a passion, no matter how long or short, it just wasn’t for me. UNTILLLLL I started doing interval training. There are so many benefits to doing interval training, and it doesn’t just apply to running! Try the bike, elliptical, stairs (my favorite)… pretty much anything. It’s not only a great way to make time pass, but it has also proven to strengthen the heart, reduce feelings of anxiety, and decrease blood pressure levels for those who might be on the higher end. The other great thing? It pushes you to try your hardest for one minute. You can do ANYTHING for one short minute!!
  3. TRAINERS. They’re amazing, when they know what they’re doing. If you are going to go this route, make sure you choose to work with someone who is passionate about your health. I have had bad experiences with trainers, but I have also had so many positive experiences that it outweighs any bad moment in the past. Sometimes, trainers can be expensive and a lot of people ask, “why would I hire someone to count to 10 for me?” Let me tell you why. They’re the ones you have an appointment with. They are helping you to become a better version of yourself. They’re the ones who are getting your ass to the gym when you can’t make that commitment to yourself. And on top of that, they’re extremely smart individuals who are going to be there for you when you need help the most.
  4. USE THE INTERNET. If you have a set routine that you like, that is awesome!! If you’re like me and you can’t think of anything beyond squats and bicep curls, the internet is going to save you. I have expanded my knowledge on different varieties of exercises because of looking things up on the internet. You can always look on Pinterest, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and even Facebook to find exercise templates/videos/write-ups for things to do in the gym. My personal favorite is stalking fitness gurus on Instagram. You get a short clip of a HIIT or weight exercise, then they go onto the next one. This is also a free personal trainer for people who are looking to stick to a budget. There is always new content everywhere that will give you fresh ideas to bring to the gym with you!
  5. SCHEDULE YOUR TIME. I’m serious. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I have an alarm set for 60 minutes before I have to pick up my boyfriend from the train. This is so I can get off the couch, drive down to the river, and take a walk before he gets home. Lord knows if I didn’t rely on this alarm to go off and tell me to move, I would undeniably sit on the couch for those 60 minutes and catch up on the Kardashian’s. So when I say schedule, I honestly want you to pull out your phone and set an alarm for 2-3 days every week. Make it a 20 minute workout and do what you love, just make sure you make the time to do this for yourself – just like work, school, or breakfast. If someone wants to make plans, treat this like it was a dinner planned with John Hamm (or whoever you’re into). You’re NOT going to reschedule that dinner to hang out with someone you see every day!! I promise this will help to keep you on track!

I hope that these tips can help you to succeed in your exercise journey! What is your favorite way to get to the gym and stay on track?

Let me know if you set that alarm for yourself… and how it changed your life for the better!! Until next week, 🙂

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