A Day in the Grocery Store

Now I know that grocery shopping is considered a chore for most people. For me, grocery shopping is in my top three favorite activities – next to napping and brunching, of course 🙂 You’re all probably thinking if I am a psychopath since I love grocery shopping so much… but let me tell you why I love it.

First, I go super early in the morning or extremely late at night so I pretty much have the whole store to myself. Next, I love putting together meals on paper, then seeing the ingredients come together even before I start cooking! I also love it because I take my time – REALLY take my time, making sure that everything I am picking up is healthy for me to consume.

This week, I went grocery shopping with my friend Kristen (see last week’s post to know why). I showed her my favorite foods to eat, that are delicious and healthy, saving her some time researching these products! Today, I want to share with you my top five food tips for eating healthy and staying on track with your lifestyle!

  1. READ LABELS. All labels. I’m talking the front of the package to see what they are claiming about their products, every * in tiny little letters hoping you ignore, nutrition labels, and ingredients. This is super important!! Ingredients are listed in the order that they are contained in the product. If sugar is the second thing listed, don’t buy it! Even if it claims that there is 2g of sugar in a serving, don’t forget that carbs process and turn into sugar in your body. Make sure this is the number one thing you pay attention to!!
  2. THERE ARE ALWAYS ALTERNATIVES. Rice? Cauliflower rice. Mayo? Avocado mayo. Bread crumbs? Ground pork rinds. The possibilities are endless, you just have to get creative! And after a while of subbing certain things for one another, you might find you enjoy the healthier version better in the long run. I don’t enjoy regular mayo any more because I have grown so accustom to the avocado mayo. If you don’t think there is a way, look it up on Google, Instagram, or Pinterest. I promise you that someone else figured out a good substitute for spaghetti if they don’t like zucchini noodles.
  3. FIND A WAY TO ENJOY IT. Don’t you dare eat food you don’t enjoy. The second you start consuming food to feel “full” and you hate every bite, that is all the more reason to go to the closest pizza joint and have a slice (or three) for dinner. Take your favorite proteins and vegetables and season them differently every day! This way you aren’t getting bored, but you’re still finding new ways to enjoy the same foods you genuinely enjoy. There are also many different ways of cooking these foods, so experiment with that as well! Bake, broil, sautee, pan-fry, boil, roast, and my favorite – the crock pot! Experiment and have fun!
  4. GO NATURAL. I get it, it’s expensive, and I’m the last person that needs to be spending $12 on a jar of almond butter. But be a wise shopper. When you are planning your meals and making your lists, look for coupons. Take advantage of sites like Thrive, because these are awesome products at super discounted rates. Go to Trader Joe’s and look at their prices compared to your local grocery store – I am always finding awesome pricing there on a lot of natural pantry goods. This is so important to me because of the way I think about my food. What your food ate is what you are going to eat. Think about it. If your beef was from a cow who was injected with hormones, fed a corn-based diet, and lived under stressful conditions, that is what you are going to consume. If it was roaming free, eating only grass, and lived on a stress-free farm, that is what you are going to consume. Now I don’t know about you, but I would prefer the second option every time. If you have the money, it is worth spending on organic, all natural products for the animal, produce, and yourself.
  5. IT’S OKAY TO CHEAT. Enjoy the ice cream, it’s not going to kill you when you’re consuming that – or french fries, onion rings, cheese burgers – as long as it is done in moderation. This is my key to success. Once or twice a week, enjoy one serving size. This not only satisfies any craving you might have, but it keeps you from over indulging, which is very easy to do when a baby package of Doritos is 4 serving sizes. Be mindful with everything you are eating, and don’t EVER get down on yourself for having a bad day. Acknowledge it and move forward, and again, always enjoy what you are eating 🙂

I hope you found these food tips and tricks helpful! They are the rules I live by when I go to the store and consider what to buy for that week.

Share any of your awesome food/shopping hacks with me in the comments! If you have any exercise questions for next weeks post, please leave those as well and I will address them next week 🙂

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!!

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