Burn the Excuses!

We all have ’em… whether you’re tired, too hungry, lazy. It always “starts tomorrow.” Then tomorrow comes, along with all of those excuses again. You become trapped in this endless cycle because of these excuses we continue to make for ourselves, and I think this is because we don’t know how to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. There is always a party, event, person, or situation that causes us to “start tomorrow.” Well guess what? That ends today.

This week, I want to share with you my two favorite tips that help to keep me in line – without having to step on the scale! Even when I was losing weight while working with Dr. Frank, I was always afraid to step on the scale. I knew I was making progress – but one number does not have to define the way you think about yourself. So here’s my off-the-scale advice to hold yourself accountable. One has to focus on dealing with another person. The other is helpful when you are following a keto diet and want to track your progress. So continue to read on and cut the excuses!

If you read last weeks post – part 3 of my interview with Dr. Frank – you will read his greatest piece of advice, which is my biggest tip for anyone that wants to get on track and turn their lifestyle around. GET HELP!! Professional, trustworthy help from someone who knows what they are doing. If you can’t hold yourself accountable, they will. And when you go to someone who wants only the best for you, they are not going to allow for an excuse. Personally, I sought out help because I knew I couldn’t keep myself accountable starting out. Working with someone who I talked to every day helped for me to learn accountability once we were no longer working together. I also work better with some guidance when I am starting something new. If you have the will power to hold yourself accountable with no guidance, you are my hero.

Since working with Dr. Frank for 4 months, I had come to realize that I couldn’t rely on him for the rest of my life. I needed to be able to take accountability for my own choices through my diet and exercise. One thing he taught me was to use the ketone test strips (these can be bought at any drug store). When you wake up in the morning, you test your ketone levels through urine. Depending on the color of the strip, it can tell you if your body is truly in ketosis. Now a lot of people don’t necessarily believe in this method, but I like it because it is the most cost effective. I know that it is not 100% accurate, but when I see the color of my test strip, I know if there was something in my diet the day before that doesn’t agree with what I should be eating on a normal basis. When I have a cheat day, the following morning leads to a very light test strip. But the day after being back on track? My test strip is dark again. This is a personal way for me to keep myself accountable for what I am eating. With a competitive personality, my goal is to keep the strips as dark as I can 5-6 days every week.

I prefer this to a scale and counting calories for so many reasons. You don’t have an excuse when you are working with a professional. They are going to hold you accountable for everything, and you will not want to throw away money by disappointing people and not moving forward in your journey. Once you are no longer receiving help from someone, you need to find a way to keep yourself accountable so you do not lose all of the progress you’ve made.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Comment your favorite tip to hold yourself accountable on your wellness journey and I will try some of your methods too!

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