Travel Light!

Happy Thursday! This week, I want to tell you my top five travel snacks to help you from not so great choices! From trains, cars, and airplanes, I’ve got you covered in this post. It’s summer time, which means that everyone has travel plans! Weekend getaway to week-long vacay’s, these snacks will help you to stay on track with your meal plans. And the way I see it? If I’m good on the plane, I deserve a treat during my vacation.

I think the biggest misconception people have is that mentality of “I’m on vacation, it doesn’t count!” Sorry friends, as much as I wish that was true, we have to pay the price somehow. Personally, not only do I put on a pound or two, but when I fall off my diet train, my whole body pays the price. I’m talking folded over in stomach pain. Sometimes (ice cream), it’s worth it! Other times, there were better options for me to choose from. I steered myself in the wrong direction knowing there would be consequences.

But guess what? We don’t want or need this to happen as we are getting onto our means of transportation to vacation! So stick with me, I’ve got some great snacks to satisfy those travel munchies while staying on track!

To start, here is one of my favorites, and I know it is always in my pantry:


This is my favorite for sky travel. I take a scoop of my Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein in chocolate and put it in a Ziploc bag. I throw that and my empty Blender Bottle into my carry-on and BAM! Just like that, there is your snack! Once you get through security, you can fill your bottle with water from a fountain, or what I like to do is find a store that sells the individual portion sizes of Silk Almond Milk. Fill your bottle, add your protein, and you’ve got yourself a shake! And a delicious one, might I add. I like this powder specifically because it’s bone broth, meaning there’s collagen, which has amazing benefits overall. It’s great for a Keto-based diet, amazing for hair, skin, and nails, along with the fact that it eases joint pain and leaky gut syndrome.

My next favorite, TSA and road-trip approved travel snack:


Larabar and RX Bars! Now RX Bars are my preference for long flights or drives because they are loaded with protein. But Larabar’s are great for quick trips, where you might not necessarily need a full meal replacement. Be careful with any of these bars though, They have outstanding flavors (trust me, I’ve tried practically all of them), but if you’re sticking to Paleo/Whole30/Keto, make sure you’re getting the bars that have compliant ingredients. The great thing about these bars in particular? They are made with REAL food – this mean simple, easy to read ingredients. You’ll know if it is going to fit into your lifestyle by looking at the label.

Now this – this is my favorite road-trip snack:


I look beyond extra when I am on the train and I pull an avocado out of my purse with my Everything but the Bagel seasoning. But anyone judging me for this on the train doesn’t know what they’re missing. To start, you’re saving a ton of money by bringing your own food. But to bring a fiber and healthy fat-filled snack with awesome seasoning? Brilliant, if I do say so myself! I find myself on the train every once and a while, and I always have this with me. The combination of avocado and GG crackers it perfect to keep me satisfied for a 7 hour train ride. Before I leave the house, I mash up half of an avocado in its shell and throw it into a Ziploc bag. I put the whole bottle of seasoning in my purse, along with a pack of GG crackers, and I’m set to travel! The fat from the avocado is going to digest slowly, while the fiber from the GG crackers fill me up, keeping me from wanting to snack for hours! The only reason I don’t recommend this for flights is because if you are going to travel internationally, they will probably take your avocado from you. And no one wants a stolen avocado =/

Another one of my favorites for road or air:


Healthy fat and protein, the perfect pair! My favorite nut by far is the cashew, and I believe that just because you’re trying to be healthy, it doesn’t mean you have to scarf down almonds. While I love those, along with walnuts and pecans, there’s nothing like the taste of a buttery, roasted cashew. This is where I want to mention – eat what you enjoy. I might eat mostly keto, but just because cashews have more carbs than most nuts, doesn’t mean I’ll sacrifice what I enjoy most. I love pairing nuts with beef or turkey jerky. This is another combination that will keep you feeling satisfied on the airplane or in the car, keeping you from stomach aches from fast food and airplane snacks. But this goes back to the Larabar and RX Bar’s: make sure that if you are sticking to a particular meal plan, you find compliant jerky for your travels. There are so many on the market, so make sure you’re reading the ingredients and nutritional values!

Lastly, but probably in my top three of all of these snacks:


Meat, cheese, and olive trio! This is so easy to make on your own or to buy prepackaged. This is my favorite from CVS, which is prefect because it’s walking distance from the apartment and when I’m running a bit behind, I know it will be there waiting for me! Again, we have protein and fat, which is going to keep me satisfied for three to four hours. With the cheese, I would say this is okay to bring on a domestic flight, but I would double-check with TSA before showing up to the airport with this. Like I said before, I have been spending a lot of travel time on a train, so this has been a perfect trio for me. It’s only $3 too! The cheese and crackers on the train is $7?! No thank you!! This is also a perfect lunch for me too. Not always, but when I have a late breakfast and I’m not starving for a full lunch, this does the trick! The other great thing about this is that it’s perfectly portioned, so you don’t have to put in any guess-work as to measuring food, or even knowing when you should put the breaks on your snacking!

On top of these snacks, I would say my biggest tip is to eat either your breakfast, lunch, or dinner before heading to the train, airport, or hopping in the car. This will allow for you to save your snack for when you really need it, and you won’t have to worry about running out of food on your journey!

Wherever this summer takes you, I hope you get to enjoy one of these snacks, and ENJOY YOURSELF 🙂

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