Defeating the Enemy

When I say enemy, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Strength training? Running? Spinning?!

We all have our favorite and least favorite exercises. For me, the enemy  is  WAS the Stair Master… and I don’t know a soul who enjoys walking up a set of stairs for 10 seconds, let alone 20 minutes. And when I don’t like something, I use that as my fuel to find a way to make whatever the enemy is more enjoyable.

I spend a lot of my free time looking up exercises on Pinterest, as I’m sure most people do these days. But it’s hard to find a guide on making the stairs a less excruciating experience. So I couldn’t leave this up to my Pinterest and Google searches. I needed to get creative. One day while I was at the gym, I noticed a woman on the stairs who would kick her leg directly back after each step she took. I made a mental note of it, but never really did anything with it. Not until I noticed a different woman weeks later walk up the stairs sideways, and switched sides every minute. Now I felt like I could try to make something up to get through 20 minutes on the stairs.

And I did just that! My key to defeating the Stair Master is as follows:

  1. Walk up for one minute at your maximum speed (something that is borderline challenging, but not so fast you want to quit after 30 seconds)
  2. Take the speed down 4 from your maximum, and as you step one foot up, extend your other leg directly back (lift that booty!!) for one minute
  3. Increase your speed by 2, then turn to the left. Cross your left leg over your right while walking up the steps. Do this for one minute
  4. Keeping your speed the same, switch to the right side, and cross your right leg over your left, and do this for one minute

Repeat those steps above 5 times, and your 20 minutes of cardio is over! This is just the same as doing intervals on a treadmill or bike. The minutes pass so quickly that you won’t even believe your time is up – except for all of the sweat… that will prove to you that you just busted your ass for 20 minutes!

So go find the nearest Stair Master and let me know what you think! Until next Thursday!


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