Self Care – You Deserve It

Growing up, all I thought about being was “skinny.” It took years for me to realize that there was more to be than skinny. I know plenty of thin girls, from friends to Hollywood, but most had unhealthy relationships with food and exercise. That only led to me following in those footsteps. Between yo-yo dieting, exercising too much, and restricting myself from having a healthy mindset all put me at my highest weight. And that wasn’t the only concern that I had. I was now being watched by doctors for Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and other health issues you shouldn’t even have to dream of worrying about in your early 20’s.

If you have taken some time to read earlier posts of mine, you will know that this is a journey that I went on for myself, with nothing but my health in mind. I no longer wanted the fear of knowing when I would be diagnosed with something – life threatening or not. But I had to do a lot of thinking of what I was really searching for when I embarked on this lifestyle change. While skinny was the first thing that came to mind, I knew that couldn’t be my main focus. This lead me to completely changing my wants from skinny to HEALTHY. While that is just one word, there is a huge difference in meaning. I was now looking to lose weight to reduce the risk of everything I was under watch for. I wanted to level out my hormones to help control my PCOS. I wanted to feel comfortable in a bathing suit in the summer without looking unhealthy. I wanted to reduce my risk of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and thyroid issues.

I was no longer focusing on losing weight. I was dedicated to changing the life I had into the life I wanted. Through this journey I was strict beyond belief with my diet and exercise, but I never once had an unhealthy obsession to lose weight, push myself too hard at the gym, or reflect negatively on a slip up I might have had on a day that wasn’t dedicated to my cheat meal. It took a great support system, along with a trainer, and a sh*t ton of self discipline for me to accomplish my dreams. After five months, I had controlled my PCOS, lost thirty pounds of fat, and reduced any health issues I was at risk for.

Five months, that’s it! From that time, I had completely changed my mindset on food and exercise. I live to take care of myself, and I don’t allow for any person to pull me away from what I have accomplished. Of course I allow myself to have cheat meals, otherwise I know that the progress made would have already been ruined at this point. No one is perfect, but you should always put your self care first.

So this year, don’t make your goals to be set around a specific look. Don’t focus on only making your weight a lower number. Make this year about changing the relationship you have with food and exercise. Make it about lowering your bad cholesterol numbers or your risk for a genetic disease you may be predisposed to. Make yourself the best version of you this year!

It has been one year since this journey started, and I could not be happier. I am not only proud of myself for getting on the right path of living a healthy lifestyle, but I am hoping through this post and all of the others that you can make a positive change for yourself. You deserve it 🙂

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